Safety Googles

Safety Goggles/Glasses are type of protective eye wear that protect surrounding area of the eye to prevent chemicals, particles or water from hitting the eyes. Safety Goggles are used in Chemical Labs and in the segment where wood work is executed. Safety Goggles are widely used in Sports like Swimming and snow sports as well.

Eye injuries break out every day in the working environments. These injuries often result in temporary or permanent loss of vision. Safety goggles relieves the fear of damaging the eyes and allow the wearer to handle harmful chemicals successfully. Safety goggles play a major role of defense while handling infected material efficiently.

Safety Goggles guard the eyes from the threat of a various airborne hazards like preventing chemicals from splashing into eyes, UV rays from damaging eyesight, smoke from burning eyes, flying debris from damaging the retina, bright light from impairing vision.

Some care tips for Safety Goggles:
1. Safety Goggles must comfortably fit over the ears.
2. The frame of Safety Goggles should be very near to the face and supported by the bridge of the nose.
3. Safety goggles should have daily maintenance and must follow the manufacturer's instructions.
4. Keep the Safety goggles in a casing and also in a clean and dry place when not in use to avoid scratching or stamped if dropped.
5. Scratches on Safety Goggles can reduce the power of your lenses and damage the vision which may result in inadequate protection. So, one must avoid rough handling and prevent scratches to lenses.
6. One more precaution one must take that is always remove broken, pitted, bent or wrong fitting glasses for the prolong use of safety glasses. Also check that your eyes are protected from harmful conditions.

Goodluck Enterprises manufactures Safety Goggles which safeguard your workers' eyes whole day. Eye injuries are painful and sometimes may lead to permanent vision disability. Goodluck Enterprises offers supreme quality Safety Goggles to protect your workers' eyes giving them good life.

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